Our Process

  • Nexus Design At Work

We have an agile on site capability for prototyping and testing. Our tool kit includes items like a milling machine, a laser cutter, as well as an in-house 3D printer. This gives us the potential to design, build and prove concepts in as little as a day. Design plus prototyping under one studio roof equals a streamlined process that can adapt to any new challenge.

1.pngProject Brief & Proposal

We will have discussions with the client to explore the context of the project, the tasks at hand, and the role Nexus will play in the development of the product.


2.pngConcept Generation

Further research is done to understand the project scope, the problems to solve, and any variables or limitations in place. We develop our ideas through hand sketches and introductory CAD layouts and models.


3.pngConcept Refinement

As the concept develops, we create refined sketches & layouts and study the ergonomics and usability of the product.

4.png3D Models & Prototype Testing

We flesh out 3D CAD concepts, and from them create working prototypes. We have the capability to critique the visual style and test the prototypes for functionality & durability.

5.png2D and 3D Production Documents

We generate the final CAD documents and work with the vendor or client for any input or final revisions to the design.

6.pngVendor Liaison & Final Reviews

We meet with the client and vendors, at our location or theirs, as needed to review the final documents and first run parts. We provide continued support for product assembly and testing.