Introducing TESPO

December 01, 2015 at 7:34 PM


As designers, we strive to improve on existing products, to think of new approaches, and then derive solutions to everyday problems in exciting ways. We simplify, clarify, and justify. At Nexus Design, we are not put off by ideas that require us to rethink the challenges (simple and complex) that we encounter everyday; in fact we embrace these challenges and find solutions to make life easier!

For Nexus, vitamins have recently challenged us. Yes, vitamins. This challenge was brought to us by a small team of entrepreneurs with the vison to change a nutritional paradigm. The conventional approach to taking vitamins in a safe and effective way is being redone.  As a result of exploring how they are consumed and the resulting efficacy of their health benefits, our client needed us to develop an innovative way to provide vitamin supplements.

The name of this vision is TESPO. We have been working closely with the founders and technical team leading the development of this new vitamin delivery system and we’re excited to learn that TESPO has started making introductions to a larger audience via the web.


The Nexus process started with the basic concept, exploring how the vitamin formula is stored in a multi-serving disk that can be manipulated intelligently by a countertop mixer/dispenser.  The dispenser processes the essential vitamin formulation, creating a mixed liquid vitamin shot.  After solidifying the basic concept of TESPO through sketches and renderings, Nexus detailed the part design of both the vitamin disks and the dispenser.


Conceptual Rendering



Production Level CAD


The challenge of designing both the dispenser and the disks included numerous cycles of designs, prototyping, and testing to ensure a vitamin serving disk would contain the most volume and transferable information using the smallest footprint. Within the dispenser we created a simple, but smart optical reading system that relays information from each disk. This allows the consumer to know what vitamin formula the disk contains as well as an inventory of available servings. The dispenser is then able to customize mixing parameters, such as water volume through gravity fed, solid-state capacitive measuring technology. It then records the serving quantities on each disk. As servings are used, an interactive relationship between the disks and the dispenser is maintained.

As designers, it is exciting to develop a new approach to something as fundamental as vitamin supplements, something that potentially impacts the lives of many people. Although this product is now a fledgling, we are working hard so it will take off soon!