Nexus Design Visits the Interbike International Bicycle Exhibition!


This past week Nexus Design attended the Interbike International Bicycle ExpositionWith over 750 companies in attendance, representing over 1400 brands, Interbike is undoubtably the largest gathering of the Bicycle Industry in North America.

Nexus has a close (over ten years long!) relationship with Thule, a leader in product innovation relevant to the cycling industry. Nexus naturally felt a draw towards this exposition; we got to Las Vegas and went to work!

The flagship product of the Thule roof rack line, the Sprint features a unique mechanism for cocking the forks into place. The twist and forget clamp simply 'cogs' out when the correct tension is applied to the forks. A unique locking mechanism that Nexus Design developed and patented ensures that no matter the position of the clamp screw the lock can always be engaged. 

In addition to the Sprint, Nexus has worked closely with Thule creating a brand-new award winning Apex line of hitch rack products. Along with the rack, Nexus developed a new line of bike cradles, featuring a patented shock load compression element. 

Where will Nexus be next?  Stay posted. After success at our first Design2Part in June, we have returned and are currently at Design2part in Marlborough, Massachusetts. More to come - we will be posting new photos soon!


To learn more about Apex, click here.

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