Smith Detection Target ID

The Target ID is a high performance law enforcement tool, similar to the HazMat ID Elite, without such a burdensome price tag.


We were approached by Smiths Detection to create a product comparable to the HazMat ID Elite that was budget friendly.


With the same core technology and reduced environmental requirements, the Target ID would be better with a different enclosure and a conscious design.

Instead of a magnesium enclosure like the HazMat ID Elite, the Target ID features an aluminum upper and a molded plastic base. Both products can be used in harsher environments, however, the Elite can sit in one meter of water for up to a hour and still keep ticking.

Both units share similar core electronics and electro-mechanical parts; this is integral to keeping costs down and production numbers high in these critical optical parts.The enclosures are radically different – but, is this just skin deep?  We would argue that it's not simply that the skin is new, but the net result has product line extensions that can be managed without total redesign of all the core engineering.