Joerns Healthcare & Nexus Design

A Decade of Collaborative Design

Joerns Healthcare and Nexus Design have been working together for more than a decade. The partnership began when Joerns’ acquired Scott Technology a company specializing in mattress systems who had been a long standing Nexus client


Nexus had designed a bariatric bed and mattress surface for Scott technology and Joerns recognized it as a fit to augment their long-term care bed frames.

Our first project with the Joerns team was to integrate the Bari10A bed frame into the Joerns fabrication system. The design had to change in order to adapt more effectively to the preferred build methods that Joerns practiced. Subsequently we developed a patient trapeze lift accessory that could support the expected patient weight and then allow the patient to be efficiently repositioned for in-bed procedures.


Additional Nexus Design projects were quick to follow! We next developed several powered mattress systems with Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss options that fit existing Joerns bed frames. These products include the Arise®1000 EX, the FlapCair®, and the DermaFloat®.



Joerns also commissioned the development of a non-powered/optionally powered air mattress that became the P.R.O. Matt product. Nexus developed the P.R.O.Matt product from the ground up and then championed the product into production.


Most recently Nexus worked with Joerns on the ClimateCare® disposable underlay product. The product offers a unique microclimate moisture control between the patient and the surface of the bed.


In 2015 Nexus designed an update to the Dolphin Care product to integrate that patented technology into the Long Term Care bed frame. To learn more click here.

The result is a low profile control system that is more convenient in the patient room environment and eliminates the challenges of external hoses and cords that can get in the way at bedside. Joerns announced the innovative product at WOCN 2016 (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Society Conference).

Nexus worked closely with Joerns on this integration from concept to production detailing of the product. This controller and hosing can be easily adapted in the field to current Joerns bed frames for rental applications allowing for fast conversion and implantation as long term care facilities need varies.

Current projects are in the works for more innovative products from the Nexus /Joerns development partnership…watch this space…