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Released in April 2014 the Ovation M is VistaLab’s latest production laboratory pipette that places user ergonomics at the heart of the design.

Building on the Ovation electronic pipette, the ovation M is a ground up design that combines the beat of the Ovation with manual adjustment of the pipette pickup. Nexus Design worked closely with the Ovation engineering team to develop an ergonomic design for the body of the unit and then proceeded to develop a unique internal gearbox for the pipette adjustment.

Nexus Design generated the overall assembly architecture and then detailed key components of the system for injection mold tooling. All the tooling for the assembly was done with our preferred China source and was cost effectively managed and produced. The product is now branded under the Vistalab Ovation M name and Fisher Scientific Ergo Fit and is enjoying enthusiastic sales in both.

"We have partnered with Nexus on several projects over the last five years. They are competent, professional and a tremendous resource that we have come to depend on."

Richard Scordato
President & CEO, VistaLab Technologies, Inc