Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Creating products that excite, engage, and captivate.

Nexus Design can make your idea for the next hit product a reality. We design products for all spheres of the consumer market, be them household goods, appliances, sporting goods, tools, electronics, musical instruments or toys. We work closely with clients to understand the value of the product, the experience of using it, how it will be constructed and packaged and its potential role in support of a brand.

Beyond creating an appealing product, we strive to engineer it to be manufactured cost effectively; Nexus maintains strong relationships with suppliers in Asia and the US, allowing us to confirm the practicalities of a design at the early stages and to allow for a smooth transition from design to production. Come to us with your vision and let us make it come to life.

"Nexus Design solved the problems we had on that project and have since enabled us to bring to market some of the most innovative products in our industry. They quickly grasped our brand image and helped us to build upon its core elements."

Richard Taninbaum
Rhythm Tech Inc.