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Bari 10A Bed

The Bari 10 A - a challenging multi-faceted project. Addressing the need for hospital beds that can serve 500lb to 1000lb patients is a growing epidemic in health care.

Initially we defined the key attributes that the design must fulfill. Due to the the bed's full articulation, we measured several competitors' beds and created a master set of goal dimensions for the product.


These included:

• Low height position
• High height position
• Trendelenburg angles (head lowered feet up) and Reverse Trendelenburg
• Goal weight
• Goal features (removable side/ head rails)
• Required agency markings (IEC 60601-38)
• Goal cost

Once we established our goals, we began developing a product that would both meet patient needs and, of course, be manufacturable and cost effective.

The design development program took 1 year to complete and resulted in a product that is being fabricated today.

This product not only met the patient and doctor's needs, it resulted in innovative industry developments such as an on board extension for 8” of length and 12” of width, the use of sheet extruded plastic for the head, foot and side panels- this material gives a finished look that is strong and easy to wipe down with no tooling investment. The Bari 10A also boasts a unique mounting and detailing of bed sales (for constant patient weight monitoring), a special ordered Linak actuator system for bed surface positioning, and custom extruded latch and touch points that are all ‘purple’ for a consistent unique user impression. If it's ‘purple’ it's an interaction point.

Above all the new design has continued to be manufactured since design (2006) and is regularly batch built form the Joerns fabrication plant in Mexico for sale to Stryker as well as to its own rental team. The product continues to be in demand. It is a workhorse product that maintains patient dignity by blending in with the hospital bed landscape, the Bari 10A is an exceptional bed catering to the many needs of the patient, with discretion and safety in the forefront.

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