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Stick Ball

Stick Ball is a unique shaker product that attaches to a drum stick to add percussion options for the drummer.


Winner of the Naam ‘best in show’ award, the product has been a solid addition to sales for the Rhythm Tech brand.

Nexus Design developed the product from concept through to injection molded parts. The major challenges are to ensure that the device attaches to a range of drum stick diameters, which can vary by increments as small as 0.15”, and to guarantee that the instrument does not come flying off during vigorous use.


The unique back wedge detail on the molded housing not only traps the tension back, but also creates a 'trap' condition so if the ball starts to slide it wedges the instrument to the stick. This unique design is patented and is an exclusive feature for Rhythm Tech products.

To Learn more about the RhythmTech Stick Ball visit here. To see a video of the Stick Ball in action, visit here

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