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The Thule Sprint bike rack was designed to preserve the brand's reputation for strength and reliability, with an updated and elegant design.

The flagship product of the Thule roof rack line, the Sprint features a unique mechanism for cocking the forks into place.


The twist and forget clamp simply 'cogs' out when the correct tension is applied to the forks. A unique locking mechanism that Nexus Design developed and patented ensures that no matter the position of the clamp screw the lock can always be engaged.


Other innovations of the product include a collapsible tray to allow shorter hatchback cars to mount the rack and be able to raise the hatch without it coming into contact with the rack. 

Nexus worked with Thule on all the engineering details, extensive FEA analysis of the product, and through to production details.


This challenging product has enjoyed substantial success since launch in 2013.

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