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Accutime Systems Time Clocks

For more than 7 years, Nexus has held an established and successful relationship with Accutime Systems, working to develop several new products that have become standards in the industry.


Maximus, Prodigy, and several OEM products were the result of this close collaboration.

In 2013 Nexus worked with the engineering and marketing teams at ATS to develop the Universal series products. These time clocks are based on flat touch screen technology and are breakthrough products for the market.

Nexus worked with ATS to develop this modular system so that several 10” and 7” screens could be accommodated as supply demanded. The products are designed to allow front access for onsite installation and service as well as meeting the IP 5/4 ingress protection for water spray environments.


Options exist for camera and speaker components, though these can be covered without detracting from the overall visual integrity of the product.

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