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Meet Big Tool Rack - a unique and versatile addition to lawn tractors. 

Working with local entrepreneur and inventor Tim Descoteaux, Nexus Design developed the ‘BIG TOOL RACK’ designed to augment the small tractors that many homeowners and grounds keepers use. The add-on allows nearly any tool and/or supplies to be transported safely to the job site. Other solutions on the market simply do not come close when evaluating the usability of this product.


Nexus Design took the core idea that Tim had created and brought the product to a fully realized professional product.


Nexus Design developed the key ideas and design elements that allow the product to be multifunctional, such as lumber carriers, tool mounts, and easy on/off accessory wheels so the rack can be installed and removed for storage by one person.

Fabricated from tough 14 gauge sheet steel and 1.25” 16 gauge tube steel, the system is rugged and strong. To make the system durable for the working environment each part is powder coated with a heavy polyester finish that is baked on to the steel surface.

Launched in March 2014, the product has received critical applause from those users that have been testing the first run of manufacturing.


To learn more about this new and exciting product visit their site at

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