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HazMatID Elite

The HazMat ID Elite product, launched in 2012 and the winner of multiple awards, is a radical and integral new tool for hazmat teams to accurately determine the chemical danger associated with industrial accidents and military situations.

Working closely with the science and engineering teams at Smiths Detection, Nexus was charged with developing a rugged, light enclosure for the device that could:

• Withstand 4’ drop testing

• Be thermally conductive to radiant heat

• Survive an hour of submersion beneath 1 meter of water.

Nexus developed a specialized bumper system that projects from the enclosure, assuring that in a drop situation the bumpers always take the initial impact and reduce G loads to manageable levels.

The magnesium housing is detailed for optimum wall thicknesses and the battery access door uses a custom over center latch arrangement that maintains accessibility while ensuring a tight seal to protect from dust and liquids in a harsh environment.

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