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our approach

We are generalists

Nexus is made up of multi-skilled, multifaceted creative individuals. We draw from our diverse experiences and talents to design as a team.

We are disciplined

We work with you to structure projects to insure the important tasks are carefully planned. We stay focused on project scope, while taking time to understand changing circumstances.

we keep it simple

Our team represents the essential qualities and capabilities needed for effective new product development. A balanced size optimized for success.

we adapt

Our team’s capabilities are numerous, providing a flexible work force to handle the development journey as it evolves. When a project requires more than our varied talents, we involve strategic partners to provide the unique skills needed for success. 

we stay connected

We want to understand your goals and your passion. Our talents are only as useful as our grasp of the vision behind the project. We take care to check in, update and review progress regularly. Knowledge is power!

We make it work

We excel at connecting vision to reality. The concepts we generate for new products are always balanced with an understanding of what is achievable in the context of your project goals.

Our Services include, but are not limited to...

Industrial Design

Product styling & visualization
Graphic interface details
User manuals

Engineering Design

Detail 3D CAD to full production files
Mechanism design
FEA stress analysis
Production 3D/2D files and documents
FDA Design History files as appropriate
UL application support

Electronics Integration

Through affiliations with a local network of consultants, we offer full electronics engineering support.

Vendor Sourcing

(National & International)

We have strong relationships with vendors in the US and China for tooling, plastic molded, die-cast parts and full assembly.

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