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Nexus Design believes that designing the ideal product starts with making the space to truly understand the impact it will have and the problems it will solve. We achieve this within a creative environment that spans 6,000 square feet and is designed to maximize team member collaboration. Our studio space is custom built with an open forum in mind, which fosters impromptu meetings, casual conversation, and inspired brainstorm sessions. Additionally, our facilities include several workshops for in-house production and testing.

We have an agile on site capability for prototyping and testing. Our tool kit includes items like a milling machine, a laser cutter, as well as an in-house 3D printer. This gives us the potential to design, build and prove concepts in as little as a day. Design plus prototyping under one studio roof equals a streamlined process that can adapt to any new challenge.

Our global connections

Global connections, skillfully managed. Nexus Design has developed over 10 years of relationships with vendors in China and Malaysia- vendors that can produce our clients’ products cost effectively and efficiently. Part of our global connection is maintaining strong stateside capabilities for all of our clients needs. We have worked with many vendors throughout the United States and can help you stay "made in the USA". 

Game Changing Products

Innovative products come to fruition through collaborative design. At Nexus Design we have a sweeping interest in the simplification of all aspects throughout the design process; this includes sourcing. We strive to maintain strong working relationships using carefully selected prototyping and manufacturing vendors located around the world. This diversity allows us to effectively direct our clients in regards to decisions about cost, schedule, and logistics. 

Keeping Tabs

Nexus Design can organize all aspects of prototype sourcing, including early phase manufacturing quotes, DFM, and documentation. Vendor selection processes can be managed though our sourcing experts. Throughout the final development phases of a product, vendor communication at Nexus becomes an integral component of our work, often involving all of our design staff. With in-house proficiency in Chinese, Nexus can communicate effectively with our trusted prototyping vendors and contract manufacturers in Asia. All vendor relationships are fortified with strong nondisclosure arrangements. We deliver the crucial information that enables sourcing decisions to be made.

Keeping It Real

Our sourcing partners are not solely supported by email and a few phone calls. We regularly visit in-person. We believe that these invaluable connections can be kept alive through efforts such as an expedited part pick-up at a local prototyping vendor or an international flight to Asia to facilitate client introductions; real connections create real products. 


OUR network (and our home)

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